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April 21, 2015

A few words about attractions

Traditional villages are dotted all over the island. Amongst the most notable are Assos and Fiskardo
with their traditional architecture and flower filled balconies but you can find traditional coffee shops,
old houses and a smile in most places you pass through.

Ancient and Modern Historical sites are excellent alternative to beach days. Saint Georges Castle, Saint Gerasimos Monastery, Mycenae Cemeteries, Roman mosaics and tombs, World War two sites and
monuments, and the famous De Boset Bridge are just a few!

The island is home to many types of flora and fauna including loggerhead turtles, monk seals, migrating
birds and indigenous species of reptiles, fir trees, and orchids.

There are many natural phenomena giving rise to stunning locations such as Melissani Lake, Drogarati
Caves, Zervati Caves and the sink holes at Argostoli. Ainos mountain is a huge nature reserve with hiking
trails and amazing views.

Unique products and recipes make Kefalonia a gastromic delight! Local organic honey, locally produced
cheeses, olives, fish and meats, the famous Robola wine, craft brewed beers and an abundance of fresh
fruits and vegetables are served in traditional and modern eateries. Kefalonian meat pie is just one of
the unique dishes to be found!

Sports and Activities range from high octane water sports, climbing, caving, cycling and diving to more
sedate pastimes such as horse riding, hiking and walking, canoeing and donkey trekking.

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